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Justine & Dominic

As per usual Alberta weather played tricks on Justine and Dominic leading up to their wedding day. Rain was forecasted for June 1st, 2013, but the weather turned out beautiful with clear blue skies.

What made that day even more beautiful was the amount of love that was gathered for their ceremony held at the St. Thomas More Parish.

Two families became one that day, combining two vibrant cultures and traditions. Justine, who is Filipina, wanted to honor her parents by getting married in a Roman Catholic Church with the traditional Filipino Cord and Veil Ceremony, the Exchange of Arras (Unity Coins), and the Lighting of the Unity Candles. For Dominic, he wished to honor his family's traditions and so a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony was also planned. In a truly beautiful gesture of acceptance, a traditional Chinese dress passed on from Dominic's grandmother to mother to both his sisters and finally to Justine was worn during the tea ceremony. Dominic's parents welcomed close family and friends into their home to perform the intimate Chinese Tea Ceremony.

There were lots of details incorporated into their big day, with orchids being one of them. They were displayed in Justine’s bouquet, in the aisles of the church, on boutonnieres/corsages, and on every guest table at their reception. Justine’s Lola (Grandma) loved orchids and they represented her love and presence throughout their wedding day. The reception was held at the Mariott Edmonton River Cree Resort (now the River Cree Resort). It was filled with many surprises, including surprise videos, surprise tears, surprise games and surprise performances.




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