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Joy's Debut

Joy's debut took place on a brisk Saturday, October 30, just a day before she actually turned 18. The celebration was held at the River Cree Resort and Casino in the River Cree Ballroom. (Too bad she wasn't 18 yet because she couldn't try her luck at the casino!) Joy's birthday is on Halloween so she had this grand idea to have a masquerade for her debut... Let me tell you, we did not hold back in planning this masquerade ball, complete with Phantom of the Opera soundtracks and professionally choreographed dances!

We DIY'ed almost everything in this event. The fans, the accessories, the flags in the background... AND we had a BLAST doing it. Fun Fact: Joy is an avid video gamer. Can you spot the references in the background?

In the Philippines, it is traditional to throw a "coming-of-age" party, or debut, for young women who turn 18. This party is typically very large and extravagant as it is considered a big milestone and cause for celebration. A Filipino debut is akin to a quinceanera or a sweet sixteen party. The debutante handpicks 18 individuals, 9 young men and 9 young ladies to be her entourage/court. The people she picked could DANCE, let me tell you, and oh how important dancing is in this event! There were a total of five, yes FIVE, fully choreographed dances for this debut, including the Grand Cotillion (usually a waltz!). Other traditions that were observed that evening included 18 Roses (18 gentlemen that had a significant impact in the debutante's life, including uncles, cousins, brothers, close friends, suitors, or boyfriend!) and 18 Candles (18 ladies who had a significant impact.) Justine, Joy's sister, and their Dad serenaded the room with their beautiful voices as well. It was truly a day to remember.

The beautiful decor was designed and set up by none other than Exquisite Affairs. Boy, they delivered! They even ordered the custom backdrop fabric for us when we told them abour our masquerade theme of the affair.



  • Planning, Conception, and Design: The Wedding Belles

  • Hair and Makeup: Independent Artist

  • Venue: River Cree Resort and Casino (River Cree Ballroom)

  • Photography: Alberta Bridal Albums

  • Photobooth: Vibe Photobooth Inc.

  • Rentals: Exquisite Affairs

  • Cake: Cake Couture

  • Debutante and Cotillion Attire: Custom Made in the Philippines

  • Dance Props: The Wedding Belles + Their Mama <3

  • Choreography: Jojo Lucila and Angel David


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