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Alexis & Stephan

From the beginning, we knew Alexis was not going to be your “typical bride.” From her burgundy gown to the theme of her wedding, we knew that we had to work extra hard to make this day even just a fraction as special as Alexis and Stephan. When they first sat down with us and told us their vision we were FLOORED. A Great Gatsby/Art Deco/Maximalist inspired wedding?! Every designer’s dream!

Every month during our date nights, the couple had the most intricate and amazing ideas that we just needed to bring to fruition. Every bit of their big day was a nod to the Roaring 20’s.

Somehow, we managed to blend the Ukrainian wedding traditions that meant so much to Stephan and his family, with Alexis’ eclectic style. This wedding had it all, folks: love, laughter, tears… and to our utmost pleasure… choreographed dances. Cheremosh, Stephan’s dance troupe, performed the impressive hopak, a traditional Ukrainian folk dance. The groom wasn’t the only talented dancer… Alexis herself is a dance teacher! Her students, the wedding party, and the couples’ friends (talented dancers of all ages, by the way) performed a number choreographed by Alexis’ mentor, Amanda, from Amanda’s Academy of Dance.

Despite navigating the ever changing restrictions with COVID-19… Dare I say…? It was an absolutely perfect day. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bociurkiw, your day was definitely one for the books. Not going to lie though... Mr. Hugo Boss, aka the Best Dog, definitely stole the show:




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